El Rincon del Sabor

Come try the original and delicious Mexican food in El rincon del sabor!

El rincon del sabor Altantic City NJ

About Our Restaurant

Sample the original flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine in this flavor corner. You can also try different desserts and special foods from our extensive menu

Our Chef

Originally from Mexico, our chef Gladis Hilario prepares delicious and fresh meals with traditional recipes from the different regions of Mexico, adding her touch of love and experience.

Love is the main ingredient at El Rincon del Sabor

What hides behind the bright red walls and sunny yellow awning of El Rincon Del Sabor in Atlantic City is every bit as vibrant as its exterior. Inside, the restaurant is tiny — takeout only. There are less than 10 seats for customers waiting to pick up their food. The seating is divided between a few floral draped tables set against the clean tiled floor and wainscoting. Lining the seating area is a small open-air kitchen, which allows you the privilege to watch Head Chef Gladys Salazar work her magic.

Tasty tango

While behind the kitchen, Salazar, dressed in her bright white, pressed, double-breasted chef’s jacket with her hair pulled in a tight bun, seemingly moves in a dance with her assistant. Their chopping, grilling, dicing and sauteing are done in perfect unison to a silent beat only they hear. The aromatic notes of sizzling onions and melting cheese infused with a multitude of chili peppers easily carry over to the rest of the room, preparing your taste buds for the tango they will soon perform.

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